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Soups for the Winter Blues

by Holly

Anyone else ready to retire the phrase Polar Vortex?

There’s only a few more weeks until spring’s official first day, but after a pretty tough winter we’re having trouble believing warm weather will ever come. Thankfully soups can help lift the gloom of winter. Try any of these four warm and hearty recipes to ease your winter blues.

Soups for the Winter Blues | skinnyskinny Blog

Amuse Your Bouche | Smoky Coconut and Butternut Squash Soup

If we can’t be roasting butternut squash on the grill, we’d rather it be in this soupy creation. Don’t be deceived by the golden exterior, the recipe actually includes some red lentils for great texture and protein. Plus, this blogger’s creation was part of her own vegan challenge for the month of January. She definitely had a good start!

Soups for the Winter Blues | skinnyskinny Blog

Cooking Classy | Kale and Quinoa Minestrone Soup

Minestrone basically equals mixing everything and anything you think might sound good in a soup. This recipe might ask for specific items, but once you’ve collected all the ingredients you’ll have warm soup to last you for days. Perfect for those cold days you won’t be going outside anyway.

Soups for the Winter Blues | skinnyskinny Blog

Mary Makes Dinner | Creamy Vegan Broccoli Soup

This hearty and healthy soup combines everything we love about broccoli and satisfies every craving we have for the thick, creamy soups of our pre-vegans days. The cashews are really the heroes of this concoction, so make sure to give them time to soak over night. After that you have a thick and delicious soup to help you forget that you’ll have to shovel the sidewalk again tomorrow morning.

Soups for the Winter Blues | skinnyskinny Blog
Veg Recipes of India | Roasted Tomato Soup 

It doesn’t get more classic than a roasted tomato soup, especially when you’re roasting the tomatoes yourself. It might be an extra step, but it adds such a warm earthy flavor to the entire mixture. Just make sure to use ripe tomatoes and add garlic to taste. It doesn’t get much more simpler than this recipe, so you can focus on hibernating.

We’re not saying these soups will work a weather miracle, but at least we’ll have some delicious dishes to focus on in the meantime.

Now to decide which recipe to cook tonight…

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The Perfect Bath for your Soaks | skinnyskinny Giveaway (Closed)

by Holly

Ever look at a bath product and think “if only there was a perfect bathtub to match.”

Ok, so maybe it’s just us. But if we could have a say, here are the baths we’d love you to enjoy our All-Natural Bath Soaks in.

The Perfect Bath for your Soaks | skinnyskinny Giveaway

This simple and modern bathtub is perfect for our All- Natural Lavender Peppermint Tea Tree Bath Soak. The minimalist approach allows you to focus on how the lavender will calm and balance your mood while peppermint clarifies and refreshes. Plus the added Tea Tree strengthens the body’s natural defenses. It’s no-nonsense relaxation.

The Perfect Bath for your Soaks | skinnyskinny Giveaway

The All-Natural Arnica Rosemary Ginger Bath Soak is all about restoration, and this tub provides the perfect spot to focus on natural healing. Arnica will start off your treatment by stimulating circulation to encourage healing. Followed up with rosemary to alleviate muscle fatigue and ginger to penetrate deeply to reduce inflammation, you’ll be feeling better faster than the water can cool.

The Perfect Bath for your Soaks | skinnyskinny Giveaway

The city can be stressful, but not when you have this view and the All-Natural Mandarin Cypress Eucalyptus Bath Soak. Mandarin encourages a sense of well-being and Eucalyptus encourages “room to breathe” so you’ll feel like the city is all your own. An added bonus is the cypress to strengthen respiratory health.

The Perfect Bath for your Soaks | skinnyskinny Giveaway

 So we cheated a little on this one, because Clara actually got to soak in this tub. But if our soaks hadn’t been just a dream back then, she definitely would have used the All-Natural Patchouli Ylang-Ylang Lavender Bath Soak. Positioned in center of the room, this tub lends to the patchouli’s mission to ground and center an anxious mind while the lavender calms and balances moods. Once you’re centered, the ylang-ylang stimulates feelings of euphoria and joy.

Even if you don’t have any of these enviable bathtubs, you can still get your soak on.

Comment below what skinnyskinny All-Natural Bath Soak scent you love the most, and one random winner will get their pick!

The winner will be chosen Wednesday night, so get your comments in now. Multiple comments won’t help your chances and unfortunately we can’t send you the fancy bathtubs either.

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Meet Melissa our Plant Specialist

by Holly

Melissa Ray skinnyskinny plant specialist

If you’ve read through our Profiles, you’ve definitely seen this happy face. Melissa not only helps keep skinnyskinny running smoothly but she’s the amazing force behind our happy plants in our Brooklyn storefront.

So if you come in to ask about plant care or checked out the beautiful terrariums around our storefront, that’s usually Melissa’s expertise. She’s got a wonderful background in plant care and natural living, so we’re overjoyed that she’s part of our team and we thought you’d like to know more about what makes her so special (smart, beautiful, kind, we could go on…).

skinnyskinny: Have you always been interested in plants and the natural world?

Melissa: Yes, yes, and more yes – since I can remember. I grew up in a fairly rural area of Tennessee, in a house with a huge expanse of woods stretching out behind it. I pretty much lived in those woods along with my two best friends up the street.  Those early experiences led to an intense emotional connection to the natural world and the realization that the “natural world” is not something we should or can separate ourselves from.

In college, I decided to take the route that would keep me closest to nature so I majored in Environmental Science, and went on to work on two organic farms and an organic farm support organization.

What led you to becoming skinnyskinny’s plant specialist?

It was definitely not a role I expected to find. My original path was one of sustainable food and agriculture and I WWOOFed on an organic farm in Hana, Maui. After experiencing the extreme of working in the wilderness, I decided that I wanted to see and understand the opposite end of the spectrum in a large city. I knew that living away from wilderness would be a challenge, so I needed to carve out a spot for myself in the city that I could still be immersed in lush, green life. Working with houseplants is completely different from the edibles I’ve cared for, but they purify the air, add pops of life, and just make you feel great about your space! When I had the opportunity to work at a store that provides people with such a simple source of happiness, the concrete jungle turned from grey to green, for me.

 You’ve built some pretty extravagant terrariums around the Brooklyn storefront, where does your inspiration come from? 

My inspiration almost always comes from the plants themselves. There’s so much personality in each little plant – their color, their shape, their symmetry or complete lopsided-ness – they’ve all got a unique aesthetic and demeanor.  I’ll see a plant in the shop, and later another will catch my eye as its perfect complement. “These plants are destined to be lifelong pals, that they are.”   From there, I try to create a micro-world that accentuate’s the plants’ budding relationship together.

What was it like building your first terrarium?

Pretty clumsy to be honest. Like any new task or skill, the first few tries are always a little shaky. But after practicing and months of experience I’m able to make arrangements that I’m proud of displaying. Now I’m excited to pass on that expertise.

Spend some more time getting to know Melissa and gain her expertise in making and maintaining terrariums during our first group Terrarium Building Class Tuesday, February 18th.

Sign up Online Here and we’ll see you then for a fun, green evening!

Build Your Own Little World

by Holly

Build your own little world with Melissa at skinnyskinny

If you were ever envious of the terrariums we’ve built in store, now’s your chance to learn how to make your own!

Join us at our Brooklyn Storefront for a fun evening of hands-on terrarium building with our plant specialist Melissa.

We’ll give you the tools, supplies, and guided instructions you’ll need to build your own self-sustaining, miniature world in just an hour!

We’ve included in the course fee everything you’ll need for a fun evening:

  • Glass container with lid
  • Charcoal, soil, and moss
  • Selection of miniature foliage plants
  • Selection of decorative stones
  • One miniature animal friend of your choice
  • All the hands-on instruction you’ll need to put the pieces together (and keep it growing for good!)
  • And a glass of wine to get your creative juices flowing

Sign Up Online Here to save your spot. Make sure to sign up ASAP as space is limited!

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Going Green with Style | Biodegradable Packaging

by Holly

Going Green With Style | Biodegradable Packaging

Here at skinnyskinny it’s not just about making performanced-based products from all-natural ingredients, but also making sure the packaging is just as earth friendly. So we’ve wrapped everything from our organic body oils to our soy candles with poly-lactic acid labels, or PLA film, a biodegradable material made from corn and other plants.

PLA is carbon neutral because it comes from renewable, carbon-absorbing plants. That also means our packaging doesn’t emit toxic fumes when incinerated or when it is broken down by compost. Because the products can break back down into nontoxic components, they don’t cause dangerous chemical leachate that can poison water or off-gassing that can pollute the air. Biodegradable film production also takes 65 percent less energy than required to produce petroleum-based plastics, so facilities that make PLA are far more efficient.

All of these benefits make biodegradable PLA film the most earth-friendly and energy efficient option for any eco-conscience business. We are proud to choose PLA and hope other companies will do so as well.

Let’s break it down a little more and show you how the whole PLA lifecycle works:

Going Green With Style | Biodegradable Packaging

      1. Plants are harvested
      2. Plants are fermented into dextrose
      3. Dextrose is catalyzed into the PLA polymer
      4. Products, like PLA film are made with the polymer
      5. Products are recycled and composted in an industrial facility
      6. Compost is used to grow more plants

Right now PLA will only decompose in a controlled environment, not in a backyard compost, so all products made from PLA need to go to a composting facility to properly break them down. The good news is that these facilites are on the rise as more companies are turning towards sustainable solutions.

If you live in New York State find your local composting facility here. For any other state look up the Department of Environmental Conservation Website for your location.

PLA film is undeniably a better option than petroleum based packaging and is another great way to go green with style.

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Now You Know | Properly Using Bath Soaks

by Holly

Now You Know | Properly Using Bath Soaks

We are happy to introduce our super-concentrated bath salts known as the skinnyskinny All-Natural Bath Soaks.

Made out of only essential oils and our special salt blend, each scent combination has been specially formulated for relaxation and restoration by certified aromatherapist, Clara Williams. Included in our performance-based ingredients is epsom salt which is known to relieve pain and muscle cramps, release toxins from body, and help muscles and nerves function properly. Bath and salt water therapies have been used for years in spas and resorts, with our Bath Soaks you can enjoy a spa-quaility treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Here’s a few tips about how to get the most out of our  All-Natural Bath Soaks.

Take care when using the soaks: don’t just dump the bottle into a hot bath.

Due to the super-concentrated scents, use only three to four tablespoons of your skinnyskinny All-Natural Bath Soak. Pour it into the bath by holding your hand under the faucet, allow the rocks to flow into the tub with the water. This method unlocks the fragrances from the salts into the warm water, and slowly releases the aroma into your bathroom.

For optimal performance, pour in the tantalizing soak after you get into the bath. The natural salts will dissolve when they come into contact with hot water and for your skin to reap all the benefits of the natural minerals, you should be in the water as they dissolve.

Our All-Natural Bath Soaks are available in Patchouli Ylang-Ylang Lavender, Arnica Rosemary Ginger, Mandarin Eucalyptus Cypress, and Lavender Peppermint Tea Tree.

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A Fresh Face for 2014 | Renovated skinnyskinny

by Holly

skinnyskinny approaches the new year with a new look for our storefront! Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, our eco-chic storefront has gone through some amazing renovations to better showcase our amazing organic home and body goods as well as make room for new products

Enjoy these beautiful Before and After pictures of our Brooklyn storefront.

Let us know what you think of the new layout in the comment section below.


Before and After | Renovated skinnyskinny Before and After | Renovated skinnyskinny

Before and After | Renovated skinnyskinny



skinnyskinny brooklyn storefront skinnyskinny brooklyn storefront

Holiday Display


Stop by our Brooklyn storefront to see the renovations for yourself.

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Celebrating the Season skinnyskinny Style

by Holly

We’ve love to thank everyone who came out to the skinnyskinny holiday party. While the festive drinks, treats, and new products made the night great, all of you made it a success!

But if you couldn’t make, it don’t fret! We made sure to take some pictures so you wouldn’t have to miss out on the fun.

Holiday Party Success

Here’s Clara, Ali and Holly setting out all the treats for the partygoers.

Holiday Party Success

There was a whole array of food, including delicious Vegan nut cheeses!

Holiday Party Success

Don’t forget the hummus and vegetables.

Holiday Party Success

All of our vegan baked goods were either homemade or from the local vegan bakery, Baby Cakes.

Holiday Party Success

Megan was our master mixer, thank her for the hot Organic Apple Cider!

Holiday Party Success

After all the hard work rennovating the storefront, creating new products and managing the busy Holiday season, it’s nice to take some time and relax the skinnyskinny way.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year.

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skinnyskinny Holidays | DIY Recycled Decorations

by Holly

It’s holiday time and here at skinnyskinny that means, new products, holiday parties, and decorating the Brooklyn storefront. We’re pulling out all the stops to make this year the most festive yet.

We’re all about using recycled materials, so here are some of our favorite, eco-friendly DIY projects to get you into the holiday spirit.

skinnyskinny Holidays | DIY Recycled Decorations

Photo: The Mayberry Home Journal

Toilet Paper Snowflakes

Save toilet paper and paper towel rolls so you can make this simple and easy snowflake. There’s almost no instructions to follow, so it’s definitely the easiest DIY project on our list. Simply take the rolls, bend and arrange them together, gluing them as you go. Make whatever pattern you’d like then use a bit of paint to make them a festive green, red or white. Hang your creation directly on the wall or from the ceiling, turning your home into a winter wonderland.

skinnyskinny Holidays | DIY Recycled Decorations

Photo: Etsy How-Tuesday

Little Mitten Cupcake Toppers

Use these little mitten toppers to add extra holiday cheer to your baked goods. Most likely you already have what is needed for this DIY project: tape, scissors and glue plus some red and white cardstock and toothpicks. Use the mitten template provided or simply cut out your own. Now all you need are some tasty vegan cupcakes!

skinnyskinny Holidays | DIY Recycled Decorations

Photo: 6th Street Design School

Glittery Leaf Garland

Garland gets an earthy update in this DIY. All you’ll need are leaves, glue, glitter, string and a spot in your home that needs some sparkle. The instructions call for store-bought leaves. For an eco-friendly alternative, we used natural leaves from outside. To preserve the leaves simply iron them in wax paper first.

skinnyskinny Holidays | DIY Recycled Decorations

Photo: Good Housekeeping

Recycled Rudolph

This piece is the most intensive project on the list but only because it requires cutting out cardboard and assembling the pieces like a puzzle. Don’t let that deter you though, the instructions are clear and the finished project makes for a delightful friend for the holidays. Plus, since the pieces simply fit into each other, the whole project can be dissembled and stored flat until next year’s festivities.

These projects only require basic household supplies! No trip to the craft store needed, so  start creating  your one-of-a-kind recycled holiday decoration today.

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skinnyskinny’s Holiday Party

by Holly

skinnyskinny's Holiday Party

We are having a holiday party to celebrate the holiday season, new products, and store renovations! It has been a wonderful year and we want to celebrate with you.

Stop by our storefront on 268 Grand Street, Williamsburg Brooklyn on December 13th between 6pm-8pm for festive treats, drinks, and holiday cheer.

Check out our skinnyskinny Holiday Party Facebook Event for a map and directions.

Friday, December 13th
268 Grand Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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